Help Us Become a Charity!

We want to stop the bystander effect! Help Sophie's Angels become a charity so we can help the rest of the community.

Sophie's Angels has operated for two years as a female-focused passenger service with safety as our biggest priority. We are now going for charity status!

This year, Sophie's Angels has become "The passenger service that cares!" We welcome the LGBTQIA+ community, all genders, and all ages to use the passenger service. We cater towards school pick-ups or post-parties - basically, anyone who needs a safe, reliable and affordable passenger service. We never surcharge too!

Use of Funds:
Our funding will be spend on an accountant (key to the charity status), driver set up costs and training (first aid and security), advertising to get the word out and and office in Wellington City (moving out of the home office) this year, if we exceed target