Available Payment Methods

Currently Sophie’s Angels has the following methods of receiving payment:

  • Cash
  • Bank Transfer

For bank transfers, you will be sent an invoice with a reference number and the total fee of ride to be paid within the grace period.

By default each customer has a 7 day grace period to pay their fee before a outstanding fee of $5 is applied (Which will occur for each grace period lapsed).
If you wish to have your grace period extended (E.g you can only pay fortnightly etc) then please contact us at helpdesk@sophiesangels.org.

Please note, the final fee on the invoice may differ to the original fee quoted based on trip factors such as additional stops being added, waiting time, soiling fee, damage fee, etc

Note: Eftpos will be available mid 2020.

Account Payments: Currently account payments are only available to the mobile app beta testers.

Booking Rates & Pricing (As of February 2020)

Notes: The Minimum ride fee is $5 so all calculated rides quoted under $5 will be rounded up.

Base Fee: $2
Cost per KM: $1.6
Cost per Min: $0.2

Cost of Ride = Base Fee + (Distance * Cost per KM) + (Minutes * Cost per Min)

Examples Quote

Cost of Ride: $24.85 = 2 + (11.28km * 1.6) + (24min * 0.2)

Payment Information

Below is the bank account information for paying any awaiting or outstanding fees.

Account Name: Sophie’s Angels Limited
Bank Account: 03-0539-0013040-000

Please include your Reference ID as well so that we can confirm your payment.
Your Reference ID will look like the following: “SA-WEL-1000” .
Please either enter the full Reference ID or just the number on the far right.

Failure to include your Reference ID may result in your payment being missed.